Grid (N)

Grid(N)oise is the natural continuantion of Gringoise. It started after writing the following creative rules:

For a complete list of live acts, please visit my . Here some selected tracks:

The grid The concept of the audio/visual improvisation titled THE # GRID # is inspired by Huxley's reducing valve theory. According to this theory, every individual is victim of the linguistic tradition which creates a grid in everybody's mind in order to reduce the awareness belonging to Mind at Large. 
Musically, this is in contradiction with the usual structure of magical/hypnotic/mystical way to compose music. Repetitive sounds and rhythms are the main building block of this kind of transporting music. 
The ambitious project titled THE # GRID # try to tune you to bypass the reducing valve, destroying even the squared, "in grid", way to compose music and to make visual arts. 
Follow us in this audio/visual heuristic trip and the grid will be broken.
This is the first live act with this concept and it took place at Fraction Bruit #10. A special thanks to Dr, Nexus.
Date: 5/12/2015
Place: Rauchhaus, Mariannenplatz, Berlin.

Visual art by _airone_
 Self similar noise
Pitches, lenghts, and rests of the notes are extracted form several fractals and self similar mathematical structures. The score was played in a counterpoint of two voices plus a drum track.
Date: 9/12/2014
Place: Loophole, Berlin.

Visual art by _airone_

Elektrotasse An "instant music" live act which has been included in short movie about Berlin. A special Thanks to Alfredo.
Date: 30/11/2014
Place: Lohmühle, Berlin

Visual art by _airone_
Performance by Virginia Vannucchi
First "instant music" performance with the improvised visual art by _airone_
Date: 26/05/2014
Place: Madame Claude, Berlin

Visual art by _airone_

Live improvisation at Altes Finanzamt. A special thanks to Charlie.
Date: 16/03/2014
Place: ALtes Finanzamt, Berlin
Die Sinfonie der Großstadt
First live in Berlin. A special thanks to Andrea and Licia.
Date: 10/04/2013
Place: Ex-Galerie Gotland, Berlin